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Diamondz & Alloyz provides outstanding quality of work along with excellent value for money complimenting all budgets and requirements. We aim to offer perfect service for both public and trade customers whilst being able to offer own expert advice and ideas. Our number 1 priority is 100% satisfaction and we will tailor our work to personally match your needs. 

Kerbed to Refurbed

Kerbed your wheels squeezing through the narrow gap in the road, we offer high quality alloy wheel refurbishment.

Buckled Wheels

Buckled wheels are a nightmare, we don't repair buckled wheels but we can send you in the right direction if you need help!


Small? Big? Doesn't matter; using our latest technology we can repair all kinds of scrapes.

How much?

Our prices vary between the size of the rims and the service required. To save you hassle, we can provide a free, no obligation quote regarding your personal requirements. The costs can be determined by the size of your allows, condition of the wheels and your preferred finish.


We advise that you check wheel nuts after 50-100 miles after having your wheels refurbished with Diamondz and Alloyz. We also recommend checking again at 500 miles. We are more than happy to check your wheel nuts free of charge if you would prefer an expert opinion.


Wear and tear scratches? Our technicians can wipe them away.

Tyre Change

If our experts feel your tyre is running low and you will truly benefit from a fresh tyre, we source tyres from local companies that just like us meet all budgets. After all, supporting local business is a great thing to do, but using the same companies as our experts do, will mean no problems. 

Wheel Balancing

We can complete full wheel balancing working closely with Ben from BC Autos. Ben can complete wheel balancing and wheel tracking and is keeping all business local. 

21st Century

The latest trend is for unique, custom painted wheels. We can offer any colour by using our paint scheme and paint mixing knowledge. We can create a personal touch for your beloved car but also stock manufacturer colours and specifications too.


Scuffed your alloy? Just like scratches we can refurbish your alloys and forget these scuffs.

Cracked Wheels

Please ask and we can help you with getting the right person for the job for cracks in your wheels. If we can't fix the problem we will find someone who can!

Wheel Corrosion Notice

Did you know? Wheel corrosion is one of the main things that can ruin your alloys. Wheel corrosion can be made extremely worse during the winter months but we can help. We can refurb your wheels to help prevent alloy wheel corrosion and promise to make them look brand new again.

Diamond Cutting

The difference between an alloy wheel and a diamond cut wheel. Diamond cut wheels are aluminium wheels with a diamond cut face. These can be identified by the high polished finish of the front face of the spokes and the difference in colour to the side face. The side face can also be silver but this may mean the diamond finish may be harder to spot. 

Alloy wheels are painted aluminium wheels and this enables the customer to have a choice of any colour or finish they personally require. We take a different approach to diamond cutting, we do not use a lathe but we replicate the polished alloy finish without the expense. However, our machines are of the highest quality to ensure the look and the standard of your alloys are perfect. 



Alex: 0792 369 3492


Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am - 12:30pm

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